Summary Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter

Have you ever been a little too late for something? Have you ever missed the school bus, or arrived too late for the beginning of a movie? Sometimes we are late, but that is NEVER the case with Jesus. Many times Jesus waits to do things in a timeframe outside of what we hope for. Rest assured, He has a purpose. Often times Jesus wants to reveal more of Himself.

Jairus was desperate. His daughter was dying. But he was not hopeless. He had faith that Jesus could heal her. Moments after finding Jesus and begging Him for help, the two men set out toward Jairus’ house. Surely Jairus walked several steps ahead, leading the way, forcing himself not to sprint like he wanted to. But along the way, Jesus stopped to publicly recognize the faith of a woman who was healed by touching the hem of His robe. We can imagine that to Jairus, this affirmation was an unwelcome interruption eating up precious time!

When Jesus arrived at Jairus’ home, friends and family members were sobbing because Jairus’ precious daughter had died. Everyone believed that Jesus got there too late. But Jesus’ timing is perfect! Because of His late arrival, Jairus and his wife would learn something they didn’t already know. Previously, they were sure that Jesus could heal the sick; now they would see that Jesus could raise the dead.

(Jesus) took her by the hand. Then He said to her, “Talitha koum!” This means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” The girl was 12 years old. Right away she stood up and walked around. They were totally amazed at this. – Mark 5:41-42

In this kid-friendly lesson, students will imagine what it was like to be on that dusty road. They will even feel the sensation of healing the sick woman might have felt. Kids will see that Jesus has power over sickness and death. And they will be reminded that Jesus’ perfect timing always serves a purpose.

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Jesus Heals Jairus’s Daughter (Matthew 9:18-28; Mark 5:21-43)

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