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The lesson components were designed to be used with the following model, but, of course, components can be used however they are helpful for your situation. Children are divided into large or semi-large groups where they are taught the Bible lesson. Children should be divided into groups by age or grade level. Two or three grades may be combined, depending on grade level size. For example, 4th and 5th grade might be combined. If at all possible, a time of praise and worship also occurs while the students are in the large group setting. After the lesson is taught, the large group is sub-divided into smaller groups, called Huddle groups where the lesson is reviewed. It is in the huddle group that one-on-one relationships are formed. (Praise and worship could occur at any time: before Bible lesson, after Bible lesson or after huddle group time.)

Large Group Bible Lesson

One teacher is needed for each large or semi-large group of kids. This teacher is gifted in communicating, has the ability to engage the kids in a certain age group, and has time to prepare an exciting lesson each week. Each Bible lesson is written to be biblical, relevant, interesting, and applicable to children. There are Power Points created to visually enhance the Bible lessons. The teacher is encouraged to use props and be creative in his or her teaching of the large group Bible lessons.

Huddle Group Review

Ideally, one or two huddle group leaders are needed for 8-10 students. These leaders do not teach a full lesson each week, but instead, use the huddle group review questions to help students remember important points and apply the lesson to the students’ everyday lives. The huddle group is where intentional shepherding takes place. Intentional shepherding is taking the time to get to know the children, taking time to pray with the students, and following up with the students. Because the huddle group leader is not responsible for teaching a group lesson, the leader has time to call or email students during the week. The huddle group is where God’s love is taught and modeled. Huddle groups should remain consistent each week so that relationships can deepen. During large group teaching time, huddle group leaders sit with their huddle groups to minimize distractions.

FIT Devotions

FIT stands for Families In Truth. Our desire is to support parents as they train up their children in God’s truth. FIT reinforces Biblical truths throughout the week by providing families with quick and powerful daily devotions on the same Bible lesson that was taught on Sunday. FIT devotions are written on a level that engages even small children, while teaching deep truths to the whole family. It only takes a few minutes a day to keep your family spiritually FIT!


Crafts provide a great hands-on activity that re-enforce the lesson. Having the craft available as children arrive, gives a time buffer. Crafts often engage the children during parent drop off. Also, the take-home craft reminds students of the lesson throughout the week. Children enjoy explaining their craft, and therefore the lesson, to their family members.

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