Old Testament Lessons

Each Bible Lesson has five components: Lesson, Power Point presentation, Huddle Group Review, FIT Family Devotions page, and Crafts. To access the Lesson components, click on the green dot beside the lesson and the items will download to your computer. Pdf files such as the FIT Family Devotions will open in your browser and can be saved to your computer. New lessons will be added as they are developed.


Lesson Title






Creation (Gen. 1)

The “I Wills” of Pride
The Fall of Man (Gen. 3)
Cain & Abel (Gen. 4)
Noah (Gen. 6-8)
Tower of Babel (Gen. 11)
Abraham Listens to God (Gen. 12,13,15)
Abram, Hagar & Ishmael (Gen. 15-16)
Lot (Gen. 18-19)
Abraham Tested with Isaac (Gen. 21-22)
Isaac & Rebekah (Gen. 24)
Isaac & Abimelech (Gen. 26)
Jacob Gets Esau’s Blessing (Gen. 27)
Jacob Flees & Returns (Gen. 27:41-35:29)
Joseph Sold Into Slavery (Gen. 37)
Joseph & Potiphar’s Wife (Gen. 39)
The Cupbearer & the Baker (Gen. 40)
Pharoah’s Dreams (Gen. 41)
Joseph’s Brothers go to Egypt (Gen. 42)
Joseph Tests His Brothers (Gen. 43-44)
Joseph Makes Himself Known (Gen. 45)
Jacob Moves to Egypt (Gen. 46-47)
Jacob Blesses His Family (Gen. 47-48)
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